Email marketing retains on being one of the best performing strategies among the Digital Marketing Services that inbound experts have in their campaigns. Every year is another chance to make use of this amazing marketing tactic and try a holistic approach to work with your email marketing procedure. As an essential driver of client procurement, email marketing can yield the most astounding ROI of all your promoting channels. Staying up with the latest email marketing practices empowers you to ceaselessly enhance your program and harvest a developing rate of return. While email marketing isn't getting another definition or changing its main intention, it's presently mixing with different channels like never before and developing to encourage you and your business grow better. PERSONALIZE YOUR EMAILS: Email marketing works incredibly with regards to making an exceptional ordeal for your prospect or client. By utilizing the intensity of personalization, you can influence them to feel elite or unique, which builds the trust in you and your business. Being a business, you ought to comprehend the significance of adding an individual touch to your email marketing as it directly affects your sales. A STRONG SUBJECT LINE WILL DO THE TRICK: Drawing in the focus of your clients with your subject line is one of the critical email marketing tactics that every business should follow. When you build up an association with them, it will be simpler to influence them to have an interest in your mail which will make them open & read your mail. The title assists with that. Make it intriguing and end with different full-stops to make the recipients inquisitive. MONITOR YOUR EMAIL PROCESSES: Persistently screening your email projects & forms and deciding the best one followed by comprehending which approach works best for you and repeating it. You'll likewise need to watch out for your IP and domain notoriety which is an undeniably vital flag to ISPs. Once you have a decent framework set up for checking your email sending process and you know your messages are being sent in a convenient way it's an ideal opportunity to proceed onward to the last mile as it were, i.e. your client's inbox. BE CONSISTENT WITH EMAILS: Email marketing is a procedure as opposed to a one-time activity for advancing your business and its services. An essential segment of email marketing is consistency. An immediate message all the time will keep up consistency with endorsers. It additionally enables work to trust. Appropriately, you can examine your email marketing information and plan your strategies & campaigns. Don’t bother to convey customary messages to your list in light of the fact that sending out emails quite often brings about a higher number of traffic. UNDERSTAND YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE: The email messages that you convey to your customers should be important to their interests. This can just happen when you know and comprehend your target group. Each customer on your email list is extraordinary, which is the reason it would be an error to send them a similar email message. Messages pertinent to the beneficiary tend to drive more income when contrasted with general messages. Vibes Communications is an Email Marketing Company in Noida which provides dynamic solutions to maximize your sales through a professional email marketing campaign comprising a well-planned strategy and a result driven process.

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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation refers to the integration of various current digital technologies in every domain & expertise of a business which fetches new customer experiences, delivers value to customers, pushes workforce innovation, and significantly brings about a more efficient process to radically optimize the business performance. Digital transformation enablers like cloud-computing, artificial intelligence, UI/UX technologies, Internet of Things, Blockchain and Big Data have the capability to integrate data, technology, skills and strategies which give your business a roadmap to reach its goal. Since digitalization is evolving constantly, it leaves an enormous effect on the businesses by disturbing the current plan of action and forces the businesses to be prepared for the persistently changing trends, technologies, algorithms, utility and various internal & external factors. This is the point where adopting Digital Transformation makes a way for the businesses to re-animate their ideas, strategies, plan of action and inventiveness. To stay at the frontline in the modern business landscape, digital transformation is a must. Digital transformation encourages business to keep pace with developing client requests and empowers the employees and workforce to boost their productivity & innovation. Digital transformation provides the ability to track metrics and analyse the data-based insights along with leveraging various key benefits such as quality customer satisfaction, customer-centric strategies, accurate market segmentation, enhanced flexibility & efficiency, better-streamlined processes & decisions, and higher profit margins. A digital transformation tactic plans to build the capacities of utilizing the potential outcomes and opportunities of newly implemented technologies and their effect in a better, quicker and in an increasingly inventive way in the coming time. A Digital Transformation Strategy needs an organized methodology with a clear guide, including an assortment of projects, revenues, and targets. This guide considers that ultimate objectives will keep on moving as digital transformation is a progressing venture, just like the digital technologies and innovations. Vibes Communications’ through the Digital Business Services, with its one-of-a-kind thinking process and the strong combination of software, processes, and strategies empowers organizations to adopt digital transformation and reach their required ROI and business outcomes. Providing a strong foundation to accelerate a structured approach to digital transformation, Vibes Communications helps organizations in embracing the new & rapidly evolving digital technologies to make their way in the dynamic marketplace and to keep them ahead in the digital landscape.

12 Sep 2019

How Should You Measure Your Digital Presence?

With the growing number of small and big businesses, it has become very challenging to make your strong presence in the marketplace, particularly in this digital age. The development of the web has transformed the playing field radically where small & big businesses have similar marketing opportunities which bring in the importance of having a strong digital presence. Considering a bigger picture of measuring your digital presence implies using a firm technique for accumulating metrics that assemble a wide understanding of how visible your business is over various aspects of the internet. Measuring your strategies and campaigns will provide valuable insights of your business and how it is performing on various levels. Some of the most important aspects of measuring the digital presence include web traffic, time on site, keyword rankings, page views, social media followers, impressions, conversion rates, bounce rate, open rate, and click rate. In order to get high-quality analysis and evaluation, you need to start with a baseline, utilize consistent & regular assessments, analyse what is working and what is not and thoroughly observe every digital activity. This way you will be able to reach the exact data-driven decisions which will further help you to grow your digital expertise in the domain that your business lack. Since the website is the face of your business, analysing your website traffic will provide a holistic view of the visibility of your business on the web. When measuring and analysing activities on your website, use Google Analytics which is one of the powerful & best web analytics tools that track the activity and the traffic on your website and helps you to understand your audience, your ROI and your conversion rates. By using Google Analytics effectively, you can evaluate the traffic flow, track your marketing campaigns, customize data & records and analyse potential new markets. It is imperative to work towards strong digital presence on social media channels as well like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram where each post, hashtag and follower has an impact and gives your business the maximum exposure. Keeping few social media tools handy like Hootsuite, Similar Web, Sprout Social, Unmetric, Crowdbooster, Keyhole, and Buffer will allow you to access the critical and in-depth analysis of your business on various social platforms and tracks each & every update in real time which helps you to process your reach, impression and insights. Hootsuite tool helps you with accessing competitor’s performance and strategy while SproutSocial can be used for all the social platforms and is really useful for discovering new customers. Using these tools proficiently will not only keep you up-to-date with all kind of information of your digital presence but will also push you to shape your marketing strategies accordingly.

12 Sep 2019

How Digital Are You?

When was last time you ordered your favourite snack online to be delivered to you in a matter of time, without you leaving your chair and making any effort? Last night or just before reading this! Whether it is booking a cab on just one click, reaching an unknown destination through direction on online map, or whether you are spoiled with the thousands of options on the online shopping, did you just realize how digitalization has taken the front seat in driving this buzzword in every walk of our life? The time is now when one can say that we are living in an online world and that technologies have become an integral part of our daily life. So, when everyone is online and is somehow connected to the digital world whether it is through mobiles, smartphones, tablet, laptops, assistive technology or gaming consoles, it is high to evaluate how digitally productive have you been with your business and where your digital landscape is heading! The digital transformation is zooming ahead to the vast landscapes and in every aspect of business-making. The evolution is such that the question “what is your business model?” has switched to “how digital are you and your business?” and you must be well prepared for it. Creating a digital footprint in today’s ever-growing digital ecosystem is a must where the needs of customers are always evolving. This will only follow if your business is rightly accessing the digital channels, current digital trends, high-quality marketing strategies, processing competencies & feedbacks and achieving the desired business results with the expected ROI. In 2019 Vibes Communications takes an initiative to help you achieve your business targets and goals in digital world while elevating your brand, with a team of tech-savvy and dedicated people to make your business reach to the masses on every digital platform and make sure your brand gets what it wants. Engage with us and share your thoughts about your digital presence. We have got unique and diverse ways of attracting and retaining customers with the right blend of strategies, trends and tools that will boost your business’ digital presence. So, if you are willing to turn your ideas into reality and your digital campaigns into successful results, we have got your back! #IamDigitalBeing…Are you?

12 Sep 2019